The mogul run is the most natural ski slope. It creates itself.

Each year children and young adults seek the challenge of mastering it. Why not take this challenge yourself and show your skills off in a Duell style competition? This new winter sport is bringing fun and team spirit to participants and proofs to be highly attractive to the audience.

Only teams of 5 can participate
(Teamstärke 5)
Choose an inspiring team name!
The slope:
120 to 150 metres long / gradient of 18-24
(Therefore also suitable for untrained skiers)
At the end of the slope there is a kicker in order to show off interesting jumps (not mandatory)

We favour slopes within reach of restaurants, terraces or umbrella bars which are preferably also accessible by foot (for less sporty fans and family).

Technically good run keeping skis parallel and upper body still (60%)
Attractive jump with secure landing (20%)
Time difference at crossing the finish line (20%)
For each criterion there are time penalties for mistakes or compromised style.
This means the skier with the faster finishing time might as well be the loser.

Two skiers start at the same time and 3 judges decide who is the better of the two
There are 2-3 runs and for each run the opponents are being reassigned.
The team winning the most individual runs / Duells is the overall winner.
Following on from that, a cup system could be implemented in order to determine a winner in this event.

We are offering a commentator and music as well as non-monetary prizes for all participants. The winning team will receive a surprise prize.
The teams are welcome to add to the atmosphere with banners and instruments displayed and played by family, friends and fans.

“Skiing is the most amazing thing you can imagine!”

Wolfgang Ambros – Austrian Singer / Songwriter

Join in! Register yourself and your team here.