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| Website content

The content of this website has been created with the greatest possible care. However, the provider is not liable for the content being accurate, complete and up to date. Using the contents of this website is entirely the users responsibility. Content from named contributors reflect the opinions of the relevant contributors and not those of the provider.

| Availability of the website

The provider will aim to make services available without disruption if possible. Even with the utmost care unavailability cannot be completely avoided. The provider reserves the right to change or cancel the offered services at any time.

| External links

This website includes links to websites of third parties (external links). These websites are the liability of the relevant providers. At the first time connection to external links, the provider checked the content of these links with regard to possible infringements of law. There were no obvious infringements of law at that point in time. The provider has no influence on the current and future layout and content of external links. The creation of external links does not mean that the provider claims ownership of the content behind the links. The provider cannot be expected to constantly check external links without any illegalities being specifically pointed out. Should any infringements of law in external links come to the attention of the provider, these links will be removed immediately.

| Advertisements

The relevant author is responsible for the content of advertisements as well as for the content of the advertised website. The presence of an advertisement does not constitute acceptance of the provider.

| No contractual relationship

Following the use of the website there will be no contractual relationship between the provider and the user. Therefore there will be no contractual or quasi contractual claims arising against the provider.

| Copyright

The content published on this website is subject to Austrian copyright laws. Every re-publication that has not been permitted by Austrian copyright law has to be approved by the provider or the relevant copyright owner. This is especially applicable to copying, editing, translating, saving, processing or copying content to databases or other electronic media and systems. Content and rights of third parties are marked as such. Non permitted copying or passing on of specific content or complete pages is not allowed and illegal. Making copies and downloading content for personal, private and non commercial use is permitted.

| Links to the website

Links to the website of the provider are always welcome and do not need the permission of the provider. Presenting this website in third party frames requires permission.

| Data protection

Information on website visits (date, time, viewed pages) can be saved when the website is viewed. This data is not personal and will be anonymous. It will only be used for statistical purposes. This data will not be made available to third parties for commercial or non commercial purposes. The provider would like to specifically point out that data transfer on the internet (e.g communicating by email) can be subject to security flaws and cannot be completely safe from access of third parties. Using contact details of the provider for commercial advertising is not permitted unless previously permitted in writing by the provider or there is an existing business relationship. The provider and all persons named on this website do not agree to their data being passed on for commercial purposes.

| Applicable law

These terms and conditions are exclusively subject to relevant Austrian law. In case of any differences between the German and the English version of these terms and conditions, the German version shall prevail.